Alexander Sherversky

Born in Kishinev, Moldova in 1961, Sheversky was primarily educated about art by his family, namely his father. He was well educated by the traditional European system and attended the I. E. Repin Academy of Fine Art. After almost nine years of extensive academic training, he exhibited in several Easter European cities. Now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with his wife Marina, Alexander dedicated his life to his art. Sheversky combines the bold with the demure in his stylized portraits of women. Using dramatic light and dark contrasts, he enhances the plasticity in the flesh of his subject matter. He exaggerates and extracts different shapes in the female form and this, combined with colorful accents, creates his signature style. He highlights the attractive natural qualities of the female form. The subjects¹ languid facial expressions generate an almost hypnotic effect. Through these formal qualities, his work is both contemplative and beautiful.


Current Releases

Woman with Pearls
20" x 24"
Original acrylic on canvas
Silver and Gold
48" x 24"
Original acrylic on canvas
20" x 16"
Original acrylic on canvas
Two Bottles
32" x 12"
Original acrylic on canvas
36" x 15"
Original acrylic on canvas
Nude with Red Cover
24" x 36"
Original acrylic on canvas