Terri Hallman

Terri Hallman was born on August 10, 1962 in a small town in Wisconsin and is the youngest of four children. She attended Junior College in Hibbing, Minnesota and also attended the Minneapolis College of Art and Design where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Design. Terri presently resides in San Diego, close to family and friends. Her work is represented by numerous art galleries across the United States.

The technique that Terri employs is dry pigment on paper on wood, adding a clear acrylic spray which sets the pigment in place. Multiple layers are built up and masked off in different areas with various sized tapes and hand pressed into the paper. No brushes are used. She then scrapes away some of the pigment to reveal previous layers and all tape is removed. This is a very quick process that she likens to handwriting…fast and expressive.

Hallman explains, “I think of each piece as being in a state of of constant movement and transformation. from a few abstract lines, which are always there in the beginning, to the top layers, which are more realistic. The layers represent ‘the way things were,’ and are built up to represent ‘the ways things are.’ These layers are like scarring or years passing in each character or story that I do.”

“It is not uncommon for a painting to take up to one year to complete.”


Current Releases

21" x 34"
Original mixed media
White Wine
24" x 24"
Original, mixed media