Grant Pecoff

Grant Pecoff

Gazing into a Grant Pecoff painting, you are drawn into an atmosphere where vibrant light and electric colors surrealistically warp familiar images into extraordinary compositions. With rich dynamic blues, radiant golden oranges and fiery bold crimsons, Pecoff’s art passionately invites our hearts to awaken and to expand our imaginations to be filled with endless possibilities.

As a world traveler, Pecoff has embarked upon many international pilgrimages, painting some of the world’s most spectacular and beloved cityscapes, dramatic coastal views, breathtaking sunsets, expansive cloud formations and nautical themes. At the heart of Grant Pecoff’s talent is his ability to share the way he sees life with viewers. Step into one of his colorful paintings and uplift the vibration inyour world.


New Releases

“Sunset on San Diego Bay”
28” x 40” Original Oil on Canvas.

Current Releases

“Positano at Night”
40” x 30” Original Oil on Canvas

Positano at Night

“Sailing Into The Sun”
48” x 30” Original Oil on Canvas

Sailing Into The Sun

“Riding The Afternoon Light”
18” x 40” Original Oil on Canvas

Riding The Afternoon Light

“Luce del Mar”
30” x 23” Artist Enhanced Limited Edition

Luce del Mar

“Stormy Skies Over The Tabago Cays”
40” x 54” Artist Enhanced Limited Edition

Stormy Skies Over The Tabago Cays

“Sunset Surf”
72” x 30” Artist Enhanced Limited Edition

Sunset Surf