Robert Holton

Drizzle art by Robert Holton depicts pop culture icons which are digitally printed onto stretched canvas, then hand-painted using Robert’s “drizzle” technique. The final paintings are bright, colorful, fun, and often very meaningful to viewers who find their own unique links to the friendly imagery.

As a young boy growing up I always enjoyed making artistic things and knew someday I would be working in a creative environment. Twenty-one years later I am owner of One Day Signs, Inc., a business I started with my father in his garage two decades ago..

I create images and signs for my client’s everyday, yet have always desired to start painting for myself. Unfortunately, I have allowed all of life’s ups and downs to get in the way.

This all changed in April of 2003, when my wife Alicia passed away from a 4-year battle with cancer. I experienced all the emotions one goes through when trying to cope with an illness and death.

Then I turned to painting, which has brought me out of my darkness. The great release of emotion I feel has helped ease the pain and allowed me to start enjoying life again. As I completed each painting, I became inspired with an idea for another. Because of my career in signage, I created a series of paintings on Southern California icons that have brought about happy memories for me at different points in my life. My hope is that when my pop art paintings are displayed, viewers can think back to pleasant memories in their own lives.

– Robert Holton


Current Releases

“Big Money”
Limited Edition Giclee Print
24×60 inches

Big Money