Ian Fichman

Ian Fichman was born in Miami, Florida in 1978. He had a strong interest in metal sculpture since his early youth. In 2002, he received his first Bachelor’s of Science in Studio Art from Florida State University. In 2006, he received his second Bachelor’s of Science in Video Game Art Design from the Art Institute of California, San Diego. Eventually, this lead him to a career in graphic design and digital illustration. In 2010, Ian returned to sculpture.

Ian’s work is designed so that the viewer, with only knowledge of the title, can come to understand its most basic meaning: the main component to achievement is perseverance through willpower and that without it, nothing of real value can be successfully created. Each piece depicts specific physical actions that humans perform as they struggle to reach those achievements.

Ian continues to sculpt out of the metal shop at San Diego State University where he volunteers. His work is currently on display at the Michael J. Wolf Fine Art Gallery in Downtown San Diego.


Current Releases

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Bury Your Burden